Naughty Nugget

Nugget and Kellogg are persistently bullying Heston at the moment, which is horrible as she looks so small and straggly compared to the others. So, after much research on why chickens continue to peck each other despite establishing a pecking order, I purchased some anti-pecking spray to put on Heston in the hope that the other two will give her some peace and quiet and she will have a chance to grow some feathers back.

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One Response to Naughty Nugget

  1. Suzie Goozee says:

    Agh Beckx what a shame, our three don’t fight, well don’t think they do. Only two are laying though I think.

    Your Dad said they were standing on his feet yesterday when he was feeding them, greedy little things they are.

    Hope it stops the pecking XX

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