Chicken run

In a bid to save the garden we decided to extend the chicken run. Hmmm, chickens now have an area the size of a zoo enclosure. After two rolls of chicken wire, buckets of screws, digging the hardest ground in the world, six man-hours and three massive bags of bark, Kellogg, Naughty Nugget and Heston are now the (hopefully) proud residents of an enormous plot of ground, that rivals the house in terms of square feet, complete with their own rock garden. Let’s hope they like it!

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2 Responses to Chicken run

  1. Suzie Goozee says:

    You did it then extended the run! We are going to get some fencing so we can let Sophie, Millie and Daisy into more of the garden.

    Louis has now got used to them and we let them in the garden occasionally and Louis just watches them with interest. We don’t even try with Poppy as she is still running at the fence and bouncing off. We think Jack’s eyes (blind white) would be too much of a temptation for the chickens so don’t let him loose around them.

    We still do not have any eggs though??? They are also not moulting, apparently when they moult they do not lay, but when they start again the eggs are larger.

    • rgoozee says:

      Yeah, we did it – haven’t got a photo of it finished yet, but honestly it’s absolutely massive! But hopefully it will give the garden a rest. I just hope Heston doesn’t get too bullied, poor thing.

      Still no eggs? That doesn’t sound right – although I did hear that when they are moulting they don’t lay eggs, so I guess that must be it! Hopefully they’ll start laying again soon x

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