Snow joke

Brrrr. Poor chickens have had it tough over the past few weeks, and while it hasn’t snowed to the extent that it has around the rest of the country, it’s still bitterly cold out there. I’ve been filling the drinker with hot water so it’s less likely to freeze over during the day, as well as making sure there are extra kitchen scraps and corn for the chickens to eat to keep up their body temperatures. I’ve also filled the coop with a lot more straw than usual so hopefully it’s not too cold at night. It can’t be too bad as they’re still laying eggs, although production has gone down.

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One Response to Snow joke

  1. Sue Goozee says:

    I know what you mean Beckx. When we let them out of there run our four keep coming up and sitting on the back step by the dog flap, I think they can feel the warmth coming through. The other day they were all asleep on the step on one leg!!!! Lucky you having eggs, only Sophie the grey Maran laying one nearly every day, White Sussex Millie hasn’t got over her spell with the spaniel next door and is now moulting. The two new younger ones rhode island red Jack and new speckled Maran Daisy haven’t laid an egg yet!!!

    The poos easier to clean up though in the cold!!!! xx

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