Happy chickens

The ladies are looking really well at the moment, and have tons of feathers – almost like real chickens!

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Rain, rain go away

Stop with the rain already, it’s Summer and the hen house is yet to be waterproofed! Poor chucks. I have painted the outside of the coop with some magic paint that claims that the wood won’t rot etc and even says it’s water resistant, but that isn’t proving so. Next plan, get some roofing felt (any donations gratefully received), until then, bin bags it is…

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Little divas

So we had a film crew round yesterday to film the ladies…they loved the attention. Film due out in October so keep your eyes peeled…

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Eyeing me up

Chucks seem to be loving the new run, which is fab, although we’ve had a few escape attempts whenever I open the run door – Nugget is the worst! The chucks still come running whenever they hear us and give us an eyeball in the hope of some extra treats!

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The title says it all…

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Chicken run…update

Thought I’d upload a couple of photos of the new run…

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Chicken run

In a bid to save the garden we decided to extend the chicken run. Hmmm, chickens now have an area the size of a zoo enclosure. After two rolls of chicken wire, buckets of screws, digging the hardest ground in the world, six man-hours and three massive bags of bark, Kellogg, Naughty Nugget and Heston are now the (hopefully) proud residents of an enormous plot of ground, that rivals the house in terms of square feet, complete with their own rock garden. Let’s hope they like it!

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