Pecking order

Heston: the smallest and brownest, she’s also likely to be making some quiet little noises as she pecks about. She’s also the friendliest of all three – mostly down to the fact that she’s the most bullied, so she appreciates the human attention. She’s always the first out in the garden. Update: Poor Heston is no longer the friendly chicken she once was, she’s really timid now after weeks of abuse from Naughty Nugget.

Kellogg: The biggest and bossiest, she’s also the bravest and is the most likely to be found scratching away in the soil looking for food.

Nugget: So-named after the popular chicken-based snack, she’s the middle one and is most likely to be found sunning herself. She currently has a floppy comb, which I’m hoping will be rectified with a little TLC… Update: From now on Nugget is known as Naughty Nugget after her habit for bullying poor Heston.


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